Embedded Software and Automotive Industry

embedded software

Embedded Software and Automotive Industry

An embedded software systemis an electronic system which can design and control the data in electronics-based systems. In the developed system there is a single-chip microcontroller like ARM, Microprocessors, Cortex, ASICs etc.The use of an embedded system can be seen in every industryandthe automotive industry is not spared from the efficient use of the embedded system. The use of embedded system in the automotive sector had rapid growth in the last two decades. The automotive industry usestheembedded system in the ignition, audio system and security of their cars. After Volkswagen was the first company to use the embedded software in itsvehicles in 1968, after which theindustry is focusing upon embedded software training to make the vehicles safer and energy-efficient.

Embedded Software in Automotive Industry

As far as the automobile industry is concerned, a wide range of companies and industries are involved in the development and manufacturing of cars, bikes and buses. India is one of the largest automobile markets in the world. From the last few decades, the middle class even have shown interest in buying cars and other vehicles.

Use of Embedded software in the automobile industry

The automobile industry is changing more and more every day. It started being transformed into electronic systems from mechanical systems. Because of the versatility and the flexibility of the embeddedsystem, it has become the heart of the vehicle. Taken from the fuel combustion to power crash protection, the revolution of electronics has impacted the entire automotive industry. The use of an embedded system in the automotive industry has focused upon controlling the pollution, increasing the efficiencyof the system and to reach the needs of the consumers. In today’s era, a typical vehicle contains 20 to 25 microcontrollers,whereas luxury vehicles have 60 to 65 microcontrollers each.

Embedded software training is held in many parts of the country and the application in the automotive industry can be seen in many parts of a typical vehicle including Airbags, navigation system, adaptive cruise control, rain-sensing system, automatic parking system etc.

  • Air Bags system: Airbag system is an advanced safety device to provide protection against head-on crash for those who are in the front seats. The microcontroller helps this embedded system to work efficiently. The battery of the vehicle powers the microcontroller. Whenever the sensor detects an accident, the microcontroller starts operating the airbags.
  • Navigation System: We can hardly find a vehicle without the navigation system which uses a GPS system. The entire navigation system is built with embedded softwarecircuitry, which is consist of a central controller, a display, a gyroscope, DVD-ROM. The GPS is capable of receiving the current longitude and latitude values on the stored map. The other sensors including the gyroscope, helps in providing the road direction and the speed. With all the gathered information, the centralcontroller displays the map on the screen.
  • Cruise Control: With the cruise control, technology, the vehicles can be controlled without actually driving them. Many carmanufacturing companies are actually working on the concept. The cruise control system helps the cars to keepa safedistance from other vehicles on busy roads. In the front of each vehicle, there is a fixed microwave radar unit which can count the speed andtherange of any othervehicle in the pathway.
  • Rain Sensing System: This is another use of an embedded software in the automobiles. The optical sensor which is placed on the windshield of the front glass can emit infrared light by reading the amount of light reflecting back. The reflected light can show either the windshield is wet or dry. The optical sensor can then determine the speed and frequency of the wiper upon the windshield depending upon the reflected light.
  • Automatic Parking System: This is another embedded software system which can help a car to get parked in a massive traffic parking plot. The system uses different methods to detect various objects around the vehicles. The sensor on the rear bumper of the car acts as the transmitter and the receiver. Whenever there is an obstacle, the sensor sends a signal to the carputer, which uses the radar to decide the position of the barrier. This helps the car to get parked into the parking place.